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  • Good afternoon Ladies and Gents!

    I am throwing this post up because I noticed that there was an issue with Ore Generation if you are using a world bigger than 200x200 and the patch apparently was supposed to fix the issue?

    So the world was updated to the current generation segment. However, I am finding that we STILL cannot find Ores in the areas surrounding where we were digging in the ground. Do we have to travel out a ways and then start digging?


  • Here's a guide @GDragon put together on Ore locations. There is an optimal biome and depth for each ore.


    Try digging in the areas he suggests and see if you still can't find any. Of course, it's always possible you got screwed by RNG or the worldgen is still bugged. :(

  • I appreciate the link, but this is based of 0.8.0 as Steam said. This was right before they released the new update the fixed the 200x200+ worlds (Or at least it was SUPPOSED too as far as I understood) and thus far have still been unable to generate it.

    Can anyone else confirm whether or not the resource generation has been fixed and if so, how to get this fixed on our server? I noticed that when it started up, we had to wait for the world to regenerate into the new world format so I thought for sure that this would start the generation of ore, etc.

    I hope this is fixed soon. I would rather NOT have to restart again. And to be honest, if it doesn't get fixed and I have to generate a new world, I do not know how many other of my community members as well as some of the public members also playing on will continue to play. It is getting quite frustrating that this is currently happening.


  • The fix for ore generation only applies to newly generated worlds, old worlds will still have the issue, unfortunately.

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