Problem Blast Furnace.

  • To make the Blast Furnace work, you need the water Poma, but to make this pump, you need the Steel, which is produced in the Blast furnace ........ Someone tells me how to do?
    And what is this Liquid Converter, which is seen in the directions, in th0_1549993966546_Screenshot_1.jpg e same Blast furnace ??

  • This is a known bug that will be hotfixed. In the meantime here is the workaround, from Discord:

    "To quickfix the issue with the pumps requiring steel: Open Mods/AutoGen/WorldObject/WaterPump.cs on your server.

    Look for the line: new CraftingElement<SteelItem>(typeof(MechanicsSkill), 20, MechanicsSkill.MultiplicativeStrategy),

    Replace the SteelItem with whatever you want instead, for example IronIngotItem.

    Change the "20" to the amount you want to use.

    Don't change anything else."

  • Yes ok, this is a solution, but the problem is that the Dedi server, after the change, as soon as it can, is updated and returns everything as original, and the change disappears, so to be redone all the time ......

  • Ok as not said, just released a patch that solves the problem ..... and hopefully more ....

  • The new hotfix out now ( should fix the issue. Try that! :)

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