water for blast furnace

  • I must be missing something terribly obvious but I can't figure out how, without a water pump, am I supposed to get water to blast furnace to craft my first water pump(steel for it actually)... What is the right setup here?

  • Patch should fix this but here is the workaround from the Discord:

    To quickfix the issue with the pumps requiring steel:

    Open Mods/AutoGen/WorldObject/WaterPump.cs on your server.

    Look for the line:
    new CraftingElement<SteelItem>(typeof(MechanicsSkill), 20, MechanicsSkill.MultiplicativeStrategy),

    Replace the SteelItem with whatever you want instead, for example IronIngotItem. Change the "20" to the amount you want to use. Don't change anything else.

  • Oh, that's disappointing but thank you...
    I tried to put the pipes so the water source is on higher elevation. Then I thought that this is finally a reason to use an aqueduct (no, I don't know for what to use it otherwise) but still could't get it to work...
    Actually, I think the idea with the aqueduct would be a nice solution to this rather than a simple bugfix to change the pump recipe...

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