The land doesn't heal?

  • Since I couldn't seem to finish building anything I left the game running all night just to see what happens. I left it on day 3, and came back to it on day 23. Every tree cut down is still a stump, the symptoms of I guess "pollution" are still there and nothing has grown to take it's place.

    land does not heal.jpg

    In the real world, if you take from the system, then give it time to rest, the land will heal. If there is no one active in the world something should happen to the natural systems proportional to the rate of the game. (which naturally means that if 20 days pass in a game where the world ends on 30 in one night there should be something happening here, but maybe not if time can be adjusted to run slower)

    Animals also seem to by dying near where I had to cut down trees (a total of 9) to build the house that... can't be finished... and I can't do anything with the animal. No option to eat, no way to get another tool, no nothing.

    cant eat.jpg

    I'm sure there is a way to do all of that at this stage, but the point of bringing it up is that it's not obvious. I don't see in game help options, or a list of controls on the website even, and that's also something that should be fixed.

  • I noticed something else strange: If I dig up the "polluted" blocks there is green under it (which means the symptom of pollution can just be erased) and if I used dirt blocks to create new land nothing will grow there no matter what. (and as a side note, building on ledges is much more difficult here than it is in Minecraft. I had to build a mini ledge and then one higher and higher still removing the old bridges before finally getting it right since I can't just look over the edge and add it that way)

    dead bridge.jpg

    It is nice how you can see the curvature of the Earth though!

    and in regards to farm land, shouldn't the lot eventually "reclaim" if not in use? like weeds or such? or at least if no crops are growing there grass returns? Here's a plot of farmland where I planted "bunchgrass seeds" just to get rid of it (since it harvests itself endlessly while trying to harvest crops next to it) and it eventually grew here and then deleted itself leaving bare land.

    farm deleted.jpg

  • I wonder if seasons will ever be added. Living in Australia and seeing all the super-grassy meadows (right next to sand blocks and seawater(!) in some recent screen grabs by developers) makes me wonder if the hyper-European/NorthAmerican context couldn't be worthy of mods for more climatic challenges. We are trying to teach Eco-awareness after all not just have a Minecraft with a legal system :-)

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