Skill gain bug

  • Hello Guys,

    i have a problem with the new skill system. Every time i pressed the "Mouse_key_2" (right_click) i gain a certain amount of xp. The problem is, players on the server yould just stand and look on the ground an press the mouse button to gain xp.

    I edited the config files and set the option: ExperiencePerAction = 0.1
    I also know that this is very experimental but a player should only gain xp if he/she would perform any action which makes sence.

    The same goes for if i equip a shovel and look to dirt and press "Key_e" (E) on my keyboard.

    Version of Eco: 8.0.1 and also testet with 8.0.0

    I attached a screenshot!

    Thank you.

    0_1549916086639_2019-02-11 21_07_12-Eco.png

  • Yikes! Well, like it says, it's experimental.

    That setting is probably intended to give XP only on a successful action, not just any click.

    I'd disable it if I were you and just boost the XP multiplier.

  • To be honest, you're not meant to use the crafting on action option anymore, we'll fix that when we get to it - it's a low priority issue though, just turn it off.

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