Animals dieing serverwide

  • Hi,
    after setting up a new server, we now have the problem, that several animals are just dieing away worldwide. Its a new server, so there is no pollution leading to this state.
    As the server went offline two times (first time, Windows felt like having to update on its own, shutting the server down at once, the second time this was planned), we realized this happening after the first shutdown.

    Is there any way to reset this state (besides restarting the whole world) or at least stop the animals from dieing in such an amount (like 10% of Tuna dieing in one hour)? Or is this normal in the beginning of the server, as animals not created in their homebiome are starving / dieing from other influences)?

  • If it affects fox and turkeys, thats a known issue as a plant they eat does not spawn yet. In any other cases, please file a bug.

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