Can't seem to complete houses

  • I'm getting used to the game in single player, and I can't seem to complete a house. Selecting wood cancels the building mode so I can't build while I have a claim and the roof looks more like something off a pirate ship deck. Even with everything fully enclosed it never gives me the option to keep it.

    cant complete.jpg

    On a related note, how do I either change tools or obtain new tools? because I cant seem to do anything other than cut wood and build. I checked the wiki, but it doesn't really go into enough detail.

  • I'm having a similar problem with stone. I have no trouble building a workshop, but a house? Still can't do it. I put all this time into a detailed stone building, and made sure to make even the floor out of stone, and made sure no openings were taller than 2 blocks for doors, but still won't let me finish a house. I think the game is too rigid at this point in what it considers a house to be, when a roof, 4 walls, and a floor should be enough. I even tried embedded it into the ground to get around the whole only one floor rule (so I can build another on top later) but no luck.

    house cant complete.jpg

    Seen from the inside, I put an extra roof block layer down to conform to the 3 height rule, but it still won't see it as finished. I even tried filling in all the blocks, but no.

    inside cant finish.jpg

    Then I tried leaving the blue print, going back in, and setting the boundaries on the inside (incase property rights in eco are weird and require the building to be outside the property line, rather than inside) and now it actually sees at least some blocks, but it thinks the area is not enclosed - even if I fill in all door ways.


  • Well this is weird. When I set the property boundary to be one step outside the wall it actually recognized the area finally, but now it says it wants 30 WOOD blocks (when it only says blocks before) Not sure why there would be other kinds of blocks and roofing materials if I can't use it, but I guess I can find a place for 30 wood blocks.


  • The first version of buildings is a bit... clunky. Alpha 4 this is completely changed because of all the reasons you point out.

  • You mean Alpha 0.4? When will that be available? and can worlds from old Alphas be loaded?

    Also: What about overlapping buildings? I constructed a mostly under ground house and then wanted to build a structure directly over it, but the game wouldn't let me. Why not at least make overlapping properties at least an option? at least in cases where each property has the same owner?

    It's not that I have to be able to do this, but for aesthetics and creativity it would be nice.

  • Alpha 4 should be coming out later this month.

    The dev blog has more information about the various changes, but essentially buildings are now significantly more free form and after building them, you instead place the crafting table in the given room if the room meets the requirements (right building materials, etc). This should allow much more freedom in building things that aren't all square boxes, and you can modify buildings on the fly without entering a different special mode.

  • That sounds much better. So, in practice, a single building could have more than one room each for a different purpose?

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