Can't find coal or copper ore in Eco V8.0

  • I've walked all around our map and dug a hole of at least 25 levels deep but I've not been able to locate coal and copper. Could you please advise where these can be found (or crafted?), we need them for several book recipies. Many thanks

  • According to GDragon, Copper is found in Granite, most common in the Taiga (Boreal Forest) biome, 20-30 blocks below the surface.

    He says Coal is found in Sandstone, only in Grasslands, 13-16 blocks below the surface.

    That's his interpretation of the worldgen files. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

  • @Nes said in Can't find coal or copper ore in Eco V8.0:

    , Copper is found in Grani

    Thanks for the info, I will go have a look there. I dug a massive hole in the dessert but will see if I get any coal in the sandstone!

  • I Have the same issue, with all ores except Coal that i found in very small amount.
    Used /level to dig holes at many place up to 60 block under. Nothing.

    I do understand that granite has gold, copper is in gneiss and iron in sandstone, but i actually spawned the ore for comparison, and dugged for over 3 days and found nothing. For now resolved my problem by hiding myself ore in several place manually.

    Hoping next update will fix most of the problems..

  • There was an issue until the hotfix today that caused worlds bigger than the default world - especially 200x200 and more to not generate ores correctly or at all. This has been fixed, but requires a new world.

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