Extreme FPS drop while traveling

  • I cannot understand why my game lags so much when im traveling from a to b.. drops to 2fps, but when i'm in let's say 50x50 area arround my house i have 35-40 fps and 0 lag.. (i'm ok with it). Sometimes even the map can't keep up with loading while I'm running. I'm so frustrated now, thanks to 8.0 update. Tried to verify game files, same problem. Reinstalled, same problem. Made clean install, same problem...

    By the way today I tried to play on my own world that I created and the game runs perfectly, 40-60 fps. Running arround the map without any lag, but if I'm on a server then my game starts to lag. Server 2 days old. And before you all say thats maybe my ISP problem, no it's not..

    My Lenovo y50-70 15.6 inch GTX860m 4gb specs: 0_1549636535726_Screenshot_2.png

    EDIT: Well, after 2 days of playing with fps drops/lag spikes, I don't know how, but now fps drops are gone, except those micro lag spikes, but I don't really care about it, atleast I can play now with a lot smoother fps. I did nothing to fix, except I tried to run non steam version, and it runs better, but after that I tried to run steam version, it runs the same as the non steam one :D.. If the problem reoccurs I will post more here.