ECO 8.0 bug list

  • Hello there,
    Just wanted to start a string to show the bug encountered in 8.0 so it can be fixed eventually.
    Notice that if its not a bug, but a feature not yet documented, please do tell.

    1.Fishing trap cannot be dropped in water but on dry land it can. Why?
    2.Fishing rod doesn't seem to work anymore.
    3.When someone start a project on workbench on unclaim land, it cannot be cancelled by any other then the one who started it.
    4.Occasional glitch in carried item that seem to be dropped twice, kind of involuntary duplication?

    Also noticed that the game takes allot more RAM then before for the same size planet. Is this not optimized yet in 8.0 or its the new standard from now on?

  • I confirm the first two points

  • Please note that bugs over at, only that ensures they'll get fixed.

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