Keep deed from disappearing when house deselected

  • I created a solo server to get a feel for things and one of the first things I tried doing was building the house. While trying to get a feel for everything I somehow deselected building mode which caused the deed to disappear, but left raw materials in place. On the one hand, it's nice to be able to change the requested deed area if I need to. On the other hand, it seems very easy to abuse since anyone could swoop in and "claim" it and take all the raw materials away. I also noticed on more than a few occasions that while building it would deselect the deed and I wouldn't notice, but I was still building.

    The obvious solution is for the deeds to remain good for the full duration unless explicitly cancelled, for the game to notify the player if the claim has expired, and for the player to have an option to request a change to the boundaries - perhaps by "dragging" the boundary.

    "Blueprint Deselected" is the message I get now when I try to select the logs with the scroll mouse when the deed disappears >.< So I can only finish building with it free to claim.

    building cancel.jpg

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