Can't mine Basalt

  • Hi All, First of all I like the new update that has just been released. I haven't played the game in a while and now there is lots to learn again. I did however get stuck on basalt. I've been able to mine pretty much everything with either the stone or the iron pickaxe and I've got the mining tool strenght specialty which increases the tier of a mining tool used. However I cannot mine basalt for some reason it keeps coming up that my pickaxe is too weak and will break. Since basalt can be found so close to the surface I didnt think a higher pickaxe is required?

  • SLG Admin

    Basalt requires a steel pickaxe, that talent should make it work, but is broken at the moment, unfortunately. We try to get that fixed as soon as possible.

  • I fixed the bug seeing the newest patch did not. Check on Discord, in the modding section :)