Lag after the newest update

  • I usually play with dimensions at 180x180 but after the 8.0 update i have to play with much smaller dimensions because of lag. At 180 its unplayable, at 140 its playable but irritating, and at 100 its STILL laggy but mostly just when traveling. I dont think this has anything to do with my computer being able to handle the game since there wasnt any lag before the update. It would be incredibly disappointing if i could no longer play this game because of the lag. I've played for many hours and wouldnt be able to get a refund. Dont make me regret buying this game. If anyone knows something that can be done on my end to fix this please let me know.

  • How much RAM do you have? The requirements have gone up a bit in 8.0.

  • I have 8.00gb. Also my game started to lag so i reboot it and now its crashing and is completely unplayable.

  • In my opinion, 8Gb are few

  • I have 16gb of ram, insane fps drops to 2 fps, but strangely at the moment lag is gone now, what the...? 2 days in a row it was unplayable, now i can play. Maybe it's server side? By the way the non steam version seems to work a lot smoother.

  • This evening we had problems too, on the server dedi, which has 64Gb of ram, but the problem is the use of the CPU, which from the chart, you see very high peaks, with peaks over 100%. This did not happen before the update.

  • This is the graph of the CPU usage of my Dedi server tonight ......

  • Also getting insane lag. 1060, 12GB ram, i7 cpu. Fps goes from 120-2 at the drop of a hat. It's not high population, it's not anything specific to the area. No settings make any difference. The game DESPERATELY needs some optimization.

  • Today I have reinitialized the server dedi, I think the update has created problems, now in the past, reloaded the various files and saves, the CPU usage seems to have dropped a lot, now stands at around 50/60%, and also if there is a slight delay, when certain operations are performed, such as the beating of the ground, which occurs with that fraction of delay, but the FPS seem stable ....