Alpha 8 - Fishing and cooking broken or am I missing something?

  • Before I write a Bug report, I'd like to make sure, I'm not simply doing it wrong.

    I opened the map and searched for an area with bright white salmon population. I could even see the animated fish swimming around. So I throw my fishing pole out and stare at it for a solid 4-6 minutes. Nothing. I repeated this for quite some time, but didn't catch a single fish.

    Are there fishing baits I didn't see?

    Also cooking.
    Now, every time i do something, I don't have the specialty for, I see that yellow arrow with a red cross through it. I chose campfire cooking as my first specialty, so I see it quite often. BUT... I don't get any XP from cooking either.
    I cooked 10 Tomatoes, 10 Beets and three Rabbits. But I didn't get a single progress-point in Campfire Cooking, even though I chose it as my specialty.

  • Cooking exp is a little funny right now, when I cook charred meat I get progress points but not charred items. Fiddlehead salad, stews, charred meat, Bannok, and a couple other items have been giving me exp.

  • OK. At least for cooking I figured it out. Even though I don't know why they did it this way.

    If you open up the Skill for "Advanced Camfire Cooking" and hover over the Icon for the decreased cooking time, only 10 recipes are actually benefitting from this Skill. And only cooking those 10 dishes will grant Skill-Progression for this.

    Now that only leaves the question, why fishing isn't working anymore.

  • I'm afraid you're right on fishing, I also did some tests yesterday, and I did not take anything, as I also can not place the traps ..... today I'll try again to understand better, but there is likely to be a problem. ..

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