Saints N Sinners No Meteor ver8

  • Server Name: Saints N Sinners No Meteor ver8
    Server Location: Dallas, TX
    Brief Description: We are a small gaming community excited to see the changes that 8.0 brings. The server is geared long-term, with Medium collaboration, and a 4 km map
    Server Admin(s): Taosst, Kamaka
    Password protected?: no
    IP; Port:
    Discord Server:
    World Size: 4 km
    World Difficulty: Medium
    World Objective: Long term civilization and building.

    Stop by discord and say hello !

  • hey, join the community. we are a friendly group and fun to play with

  • We got off to a great start on a huge world ! I think we have 9 players so far in the world. Most have set up some sort of trading shack in a central area so we can help each other. It will be our first city and I'm sure others will pop up later as the map is 4 km in size !

    It's a new server with Update 8.0, so you are in at the ground floor for a nice long term civilization and building server. Hope to see you there! We still have a lot of specialties to fill !

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