8.0 patch - we thought u were having TOO much fun

  • We had the same problem. Especially myself. Aparently, you only get XP for activities, that belong to your chosen specialty. So If you cut a tree, you see that yellow arrow with a red X above it, unless you chose "Logging" as a specialty.
    I chose cooking...but I dont get any XP when cooking something in a campfire or taking cooked food out of the campfire. I don't know why yet.

    But we solved it, by adjusting the servers Collaboration level. Now everyone get's XP-Amounts, so everyone get's a chance to specialize in everything.

  • Well, you can spezialize everything if you're patient enough in vanilla though.
    I think both of you mix the XP.

    There are two kind of XP:

    • global XP for your char to get stars to specialize
    • profession / speciality XP to increase your skill in that specific speciality

    SO: You dont get global xp from doing stuff. You just get it by eating good and pimp your home.
    The other way around: You dont miss "global" XP for your star-collection if you do stuff you are not specialized in. You only miss that specific profession- / specialize-XP

  • Update 8.0 - as of the changes - requires more RAM than the versions before, probably your host needs to adapt to this.

  • I absolutely understand what OP means. Our group isn't as big as the ECO-Devs seem to wish for.

    We are 7 people on our server. We played the earlier Versions of the game for weeks at a time. But after playing 8.0 for only 2 days, we are bored.

    In earlier Versions, you gathered or crafted something, and got XP for that. Those XP could be allocated in new skills as I wanted. Now, however, I have to wait for DAYS (not ingame days; REAL days) to receive a single new Star. We have now lowered the collaboration-factor for the server, so at least we get a star per day or so...

    The problem lies with the leveling of the professions. Cutting down trees will only benefint that one skill. And once that skill is maxed out you don't get anything anymore.
    I can't do anything to further my character other than waiting long enough for another Star. And then I max out that profession in an hour or two, before I log out and wait for the next star... It's actually tiresome.

    We would like to start digging a cave to store Tailings, but we don't have any metal pickaxes yet, because noone could affort to learn masonary, which is needed to research smelting.

    EDIT: Serious question. How is this supposed to work in a single player world? On the Server, I get my star once a day when I log in. But only, because the server runs while I'm asleep or at work. In a single player world, my character only get's XP as long as I'm actually in game. Or did they change that?

  • @SLG-Dennis You should probably tell people this ahead of time or better idea have your own servers like a real company instead of relying on others to host servers

  • @Exzentrik Do you realize, that you get an iron pickaxe immediately when skilling mining?

  • @Exzentrik
    It seems you had activated "Skill Points on Crafting" then, which was disabled by default. We pretty much implemented this option into the new skill system.
    The game was never intended to have such a feature, it was implemented for singleplayer. What we did now is giving incentive to do things. I get what you mean, but leveling for example cooking while chopping wood seems a bit unrealistic to me. Feel free to open a suggestion on our github though, as we will definately refine the skillsystem further over the next patches.

    On Singleplayer - as on multiplayer - you can adjust the gain of new professions as well as the gain of experience in the config files. Everything is configurable, just as before. We also have implemented the sleep feature a while back that allows you to skip time. We're working really hard to improve experience for singleplayer, it just needs time and feedback. But yes, this game was developed with collaboration on multiplayer servers in mind, that is totally true.

    We do have two official servers, we're going to expand that in the future, we just recently started hosting some on players request.

  • @Drachma I do realize, that I get an iron pickaxe by specializing in mining. But I can't repair it without iron-ingots, for which I need smelting.

    @SLG-Dennis Thanks for the tip! I completely forgot about the Skillpoints on Crafting!
    Oh. I just looked for it and realize, when you say "implemented it in the new Skill system", you meant, that this option is no longer available?

    You wrote "What we did now is giving incentive to do things.". How exactly did you do that? I mean, every time I do things in the game, I see a yellow Arrow with a red X above it, actually DISCOURAGING me from doing it. Because it tells me, that I'm not getting anything out of it. I don't get it. Is this game now meant to be played for 10 Minutes per day on a MP-Server? Because we don't have anything to do, except to wait for the new Star...I wasn't given any incentive to do anything.

  • @SLG-Dennis About single player. Is there any plan to implement an option to "impersonate" multiple chars in the same world? Even with the ability to play solo, there are a lot of things you cannot do as an only one char, so it'd be nice to have some sort of 'alt' system for single player.

  • Not that i'm aware of. What can't you do in singleplayer, aside from the law and economy stuff that doesn't make much sense there? We should rather fix that directly.

  • @SLG-Dennis basically, run a local server, impersonate several toons, and play the game as is intended but only by me :)
    There are a lot of things, like contracts, perms, trading, laws, etc. that you cannot try unless you are in a shared server with other people.
    When I bought the game I played alone for a good amount of time to get used to the game, but I couldn't try a lot of things because of that.

  • @Exzentrik You're incentivized to play to your specialties, as the game is designed. You see that red X because you're chopping a tree when you're not the one that's efficient at it.

    This game is all about efficiency. For example, if you're crafting something you'd want the person with the highest efficiency to craft it since they use far less materials. In the previous skill system though, you'd just sit around waiting to have points then put it into efficiency, not wanting to do anything until you've maxed that out. As was also mentioned earlier, another issue was that you could sit around waiting for experience, or give experience per action/craft then put those points into something else. Where was the fun, or realism, in getting better at cooking by say mining?

    With the new system, you're forced to actually practice your craft in order to gain experience in that skill to become more efficient at it, and also become faster. Though I will agree that some things are a bit weird. Like Advanced Campfire Cooking only gives experience for I think 4 or 5 certain recipes that are unlocked with that specialty. Anything cooked on the campfire should give experience though in my opinion. Though again these are things best left to the proper channels (idea suggestions).

  • Update 8.0 - as of the changes - requires more RAM than the versions before, probably your host needs to adapt to this.

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