8.0 Bye Bye Collab

  • So one of the big things about 8.0 was a promise to increase collaboration. BUT... lets talk about the elephant in the room. Noobs will come in and make everything they can w/o collaborating even if they have to destroy an entire forest to do it. Period. "level 0" crafting is great for people who want to play eco alone, but on a high collab server it is a very bad idea. My server host plans on not hosting anymore... Put in a setting that removes the level 0 building function or lots of people are going to quit.

  • That's assuming they're going to putting in all that work. Players will want to be efficient. If they want to craft, they'll level crafting specialties. It's possible some people might overexploit resources, but this has always been a challenge in the game. It's also possible they'll look at the work required, how the skills are split up, and ask other server members to help them out. Maybe that is what they were aiming for: making it more difficult for a single player to do everything would encourage collaboration, right?

  • On top, the law system can help you to prevent this by disallowing specific actions when you don't have the needed specialty.

  • In general you are right @SLG-Dennis. The problem with the law system is, that it is not possible to maintain. Using tables to forbide is not working because several specialitys are using the same table. Going down to the recipe level is a night mare because of the tons of recipe.
    I fully understand this topic, but i would although recommend to make this behavior configurable.
    The basic of each economy is the limitation of ressources. If there is enough ressources, there is no need to trade and without any trade there is no economy. so the whole principle of the game to run an economy process is going to be obsolete.
    Why? Its because with this "feature" the only limitation is the players time. The only reason to trade is, if i don't want to spend so many time to harves, mine or what ever it by my own because of bad efficiancy. If i have anough time, i can spend the whole day on the server and without need to collaborate with other players.
    Servers which are focused to create a economy will not be happy about this. Maybe SLG can make it configurable. That would be fantastic.

  • I actually like the new Level-0-Crafting.
    Previously those players to unlock new items first had a monopoly in it and were able to charge huge amounts. Now they are given a constraint in their pricing due to the others' capability to craft items themselves (which kinda implements the economic concept of price settling between both parties' MRTs).

  • I pretty much agree with Juvieus. Also, based on what i saw so far on my own server, players are going for the efficiency, it's a very little amount of players that actually craft without having the needed specialty. We've no plans to change this at the moment - that might change over the next few versions, but not for now.

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