Steam dedicated server size

  • How do I successfully change the size of a world generated by a steam dedicated server?
    Once the world has been generated do I immediately go the the interface and change it as I have done this 3x without any success. Trying to change from 72x72 to 144x144. Server is dedicated windows 7 dual core processor and 16gb ram.

  • @AMX You don't. You change it before the world's generated. I don't know the Steam server's install dir, but I'm pretty sure the ritual is, stop the server, find that dir and edit Configs/ in it to set the x and y dimensions to the same multiple-of-four size, delete the Storage directory (or delete or move Storage/Game.*) and restart the server, it'll build a new world at the new size.

  • @quyxkh - ok will do when the new 8.0 comes out in a few days. Thanks

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