Rapture - 24/7, Vanilla, High Collab, No Rules

  • A new 24/7 strictly vanilla, high collab server with no rules. All players welcome. As admin my goal is to make server uptime and reliability as high as possible, but not to interfere in how people play the game.

    World is 0.52 km^2 and, by chance, mostly grassland biome which makes for a good challenge.

    IP and port:
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Tm59zWY

  • @sc In my experience the default 72×72, 0.52km², is barely or even not enough to reliably support even one player, populations of one or more near-essential species tend to be down around 10 and on a public server those'll get monopolized or genocided p.d.q. A 144×144 server has populations in the hundreds, that's sustainable.

    edit: no wonder this board gets so few posts, the rendering mangles content. Added some syntax marks to work around the dropped phrases.

  • Hey @quyxkh, thanks for the insight. Next time I generate a map I will keep that in mind.

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