Law for taxes in percentage per transaction

  • Hello community,
    I'm looking for some help in regards to creating a law for some tax. I would like to create a law, if i buy something in a district, i have to spend some extra tax besides the tax out of the thresury. The start for that law is not so complex, on player action buy where in district xyz than tax. and here my problem begins. Of course i can use constant x dollar tax. This would work but is not fair for cheap or expensive stuff. I'm looking for a calculation in percentage. I would like to say x% tax of the transaction. Unfortunatly i cannot find the taxonomy for that condition.

    Can you help me out here, how to configure the law to get there?

  • This is also not possible yet, as you have no way to get the price that the item was sold for. It's a planned feature, though, too.

  • Thank you very much. So we are waiting for this update. :-)

  • Won't be too soon, though. Not before 9.0 at least.

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