Skill Button Not Showing?

  • Hi All,
    Have only just started playing, the only direction I've had for playing the game is 5 month old Youtube video's, so some things have changed but I noticed I have no Skills button next to my nutrition button? Is this because I haven't completed the tutorials yet? Which I read somewhere else, but then I thought if that's the case then experienced players that start a new game would just skip the tutorials so surely this isn't why it's not showing?
    Anyway, any help would be appreciated,
    Thanks, Frag :)

  • Ok, I found out the answer to my own question, apparently you have to finish your house first, then the Skills button appears. Would it be the same if I started a new game and skipped all the tutorials? would I then have to build and complete a house for the skills button to appear or as soon as I skipped the tutorials it would show up?
    Frag :)

  • You just have to finish some of the tutorials, if you skip them, the UI is unlocked immediatley.

  • @SLG-Dennis Ah ok, thanks :)

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