ZART Server

  • What are we all about:

    Nice and big map with a central town for trading etc. Lots of active players on at all times of the day. Never really a time when no one is on.

    If you are new to Eco then do not worry as we a have a support network on the Discord to help you learn how to play the game.

    We're a friendly community. We are trying to build a server where these is:

    • No admin cheating
    • Fun to play
    • Player economy focused
    • Easy to get involved

    Feel free to join. The server isn't too far into the world and there is still lots to be doing. It is easy to catch up.
    City centre has some skill scrolls etc. to get started in.

    Any questions, come join and ask in chat! We're all friendly!

    For the Discord or Steam group go to:


    Connection Info:

    View the current world at:

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