saints and sinners gaming

  • Saints N Sinners, a small gaming community, has recently installed an ECO game server on our full dedicated server. The group has played it one other time maybe a year ago, but a lot has changed since then.
    The server is geared towards long term build with no meteor present. We currently have it at medium collaboration. We are seeking individuals that are looking for long term building. We hope that those individuals willing to give it a try play at least every other day to help maintain the economy and their stores.
    We will have the occasional server event from time to time. We actually have one scheduled tonight to help terraform where the start of the first city is going at.
    Saints N Sinners has a discord at chunk of our members are experienced ECO players. But don't let that stop you as we help players new to the game too ! Stop by discord and say hi !
    Other games we have game servers set up on are ARK: Survival Evolved, ATLAS, Dark and Light, Conan Exiles, and 7 Days To Die.
    Saints N Sinners No Meteor

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