Different Meteor Types

  • I'm copy pasting this from the IdeasFactory channel in discord after Pam recommended that I share this in the suggestions/ideas forum so that you amazing devs could take a look at it.

    Pam and me were talking and came up with this idea that maybe there could be a way to randomize the damage of a meteor via using the real world example that not all meteors are made of the same stuff and when they impact an atmosphere, not all meteors behave the same way or cause the same level of damage when they impact the surface of a planet.

    Perhaps the meteor was made up of nickle or iron and would concentrate its damage in one area or perhaps it would break up into pieces and cause a meteor shower every few days using a script that Pam wrote. The damage would not always be catastrophic. Sometimes a section of the world would be destroyed and sometimes everything would be gone with an ensuing nuclear winter type of environment. The damage of the meteor (for more fun and just as a personal preference) should be RNG locked/set at the creation of the world so that no admins can tinker with it just because things aren't going their way. There should be a strong sense of urgency. It would force the community to either address the issue of the meteor right away for fear of total destruction or hope that they got lucky and would get away with only a glancing blow.

    This could also help to jumpstart the governance process that early stage servers seem to have an issue with. There would be obvious sides to take from the start which would guide the progress of the server. One party that wants to nuke it right away, another that wants to wait until things are more set up before deciding, another that wants to bunker it out, and another that just wants to hope for the best. The appearance of the server, of how people build, of what they build with, how they progress, what kinds of skills they take, and how well the politics of the server mesh could be altered by the simple question of: "What if the meteor doesn't destroy everything?" which leads to more choices depending on how the server chooses to answer it.

    From what I've seen, the current meteor just blows everything to pieces and that's it game over no use rebuilding unless you're with a dedicated server that wants to keep going which seems to be super rare at the moment. This would open up the possibility of being able to continue past the initial strike. There's also the idea that the meteors don't stop depending on the composition of the initial one. If a world gets hit with a small less damaging meteor then the chance of another meteor showing up is high. If it gets hit with a larger more devastating meteor, then the chance of another one showing up is low. The option for admins or modders being able to alter this is always on the table but I feel like if that initial sense of fear or urgency isn't there at the start then the players won't take as much agency in dealing with it and will rely on the admins altering the settings if things don't go their way.

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