How to farm efficiently?

  • Hello guys!
    I'm currently trying to farm now i'm all settled... Aaand it's complicated. (I'm pretty sure i'm not the first to complaint about this). There's way too many numbers and god knows how much numbers and I aren't friends.
    I did understood moisture and temperature is quite important but when I go to the place where the plants could grow it's really not helpful ... You literally have scan every bits of land without grass to know whether this could be your perfect match! And i don't want to waste my time doing that.
    Is there any other way to enhance the quality of soil? I'm guessing fertilizers could the trick but which?

    I do know however it all depends on the plant you want to grow
    How do you guys farm?

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: I've already made other searches and they're very outdated so i wouldn't really trust everything there.

  • @Serane155 I suggest using the filters on the mini map for the producing areas for the crops you wish to grow. Plants have different requirements for moisture and temperature, and it isn't possible to have just one farm to grow all types of plants because of this. Use the land claim tool to highlight the 5x5 areas as the soil conditions are supposed to be the same for all tiles in the 5x5. The existence of wild plants growing in an area is also some indication of what will grow there, though it may not be the ideal conditions for those plants. The soil sampler you make in the farmers table will help you determine what the conditions are for any given tile, so you can analyze the soil under the grass or plant to see what the conditions are and how well it grows there. This works for trees as well.

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