Additional construction blocks and options

  • I am happy that it seems new block forms for construction materials are being added; but a few options for placement and additional forms would make constructing a nicer building possible.

    1. Ability to place blocks upside down.

    This feature alone would greatly add to building options. Being able to place stairs and roof blocks alone would add the ability to slant the underside of structures and some of the full blocks would make alternate floor/ceiling textures available.

    1. Ability to choose wall post or flat.

    Currently, the game will remove the wall junction post on the side that follows straight through. This often leads to large flat walls with little detail. It would add nicely to the aesthetics if we had a way to toggle the junction detail to show on flat walls.

    1. Add slab form to construction blocks.

    Due to the current block forms, a slab would need to be a third of a block to appear uniform. In order to get the 1/3, 2/3, and full block, the current stack mechanic use with objects could modify the block ( i.e. place slab > place again to change to a double thick slab > place again to have a full block with slab texture.

    1. Compactor or similar mechanic

    This option started as a suggestion I saw for adding a compactor to help manage tailings. Simple idea, compact tailings to reduce space usage in the stockpiles. This could be used to compact tailings (and similar blocks) 2:1 to make a block similar to stone/ores allowing you to place eight per block. Then, expand this to allow four of this type block (including stone and ores) to create a full block that could be placed in the world. This gives the option of building walls with natural blocks other than dirt/sand.

    I hope all this wasn't too long to read and made sense. I doubt much of this, if any, would be added; but, as a builder, I would love to have more options for making better looking structures. Please post any additional ideas or variations you may have or if you think all this would be pointless in a game where building isn't really the main objective. :-)

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