CTV Eco is looking for passionate Eco citizens to join our server for the release of 8.0!

  • CTV (Crouch To Victory) Eco would love you to join our whitelisted server!

    We're currently sitting at 7 to 8 players and are looking to grow out our list of citizens prior to the launch of 8.0!

    Server rules are still being ironed out but here are our current plans:

    • There will be a meteor. How many days until impact is undecided. Tax money will support the destruction of the meteor.

    • Skill point generation will be at the normal rate. However, with the new skill point generation being introduced, this may change. We're looking for a middle-ground of steady progression but not having so many points that you'll branch into other professions too quickly.

    • Centralized Marketplace - You're required to have your store placed at this location, regardless of where you decide to settle.

    • Capitalism-based economy. You are not allowed to give something away for free or sell anything for obscenely low prices. All exchanges must be through stores.

    • Minting of currency is strictly prohibited and a bannable offense. The World Leader will assign a Treasurer and the Treasurer will control all minting under the guidance of the World Leader.

    • World Leader is an elected official, but until everyone gets to know each other, a server admin will fill the role for the first week.

    • Some laws may be placed immediately, in regards to over-hunting or over-harvesting. However, most laws will be community-driven.

    These rules may change or grow as February 6th nears.

    If you're interested in being part of the white list, feel free to fill out this short form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XfFo_AlQ-WDVE-uRIESYf5TOd9OpBYx-slC92qZuqNM/

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