Remove the "VERY OVERCROWDED" mechanic from the game.

  • Even when I have a plant all by itself with nothing around in the square I get this message. This is very dumb. This should be removed from the game. I cut down trees, they regrow, and never go past saplings because they are "very overcrowded" Yet it grew there in the first place? I remove all the grass around the plant (Even using the land claim trick to see the tile it reloads in which is another thing I think is stupid, the fact it has "chunks) but this makes nothing grow on my server. It was a cool idea in theory, but I don't really think anything can be too crowded to grow in real life. Everything eventually finds a way. For me, this is a game breaking thing.

    Is there a way that I can manually remove the space requirements for growing things from my config files somewhere?

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