Flight, (helicopter maybe)

  • In game vehicles are a great addition but I feel that even further end-game there should be flight via the form of a helecopter that allows you to load it up, land anywhere and take off. Maybe with the limit of a small load to discourage heavy helicopter use.

    Another idea is large cargo planes that require runways (limited manoverability compared to helecopters) but with the advantage of increased speed and of course much larger storage space.

  • Appears to be fun at first, but honestly most servers don’t require far distance transport yet.

    Boats & maybe railways are much more closer to players‘ needs

  • Only real use I see for this is a small scout type helicopter that would allow transfer of a small load up/down mountains, cliffs, and ravines. Unfortunately, apart from saving some construction to edit terrain and build roads, it wouldn't really be a large help and would likely be too costly to use realistically.

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