Authorise Others To Your Steam Truck?

  • Playing on a 2 player server, I made a steam truck and my little sister picked it up once it was done. It won’t let me drive it as I’m “not authorised on her property”. This isn’t related to land as she authorised me on her land, it just won’t let me drive the steam truck or be a character.

    Usually with carts we just press e then go to authorisation tab but it’s not here in the truck, e just makes you drive it.

    How do you be a passenger in a truck or drive it etc when it’s not yours? How do you authorise people to use the steam truck?

  • Vehicles have two sections selected with ‘e’, front is for driving, back is inventory and the other tabs.

  • @Nicolausi

    Ah thanks, I’ll try that when I’m on next in 16 hours, thanks for the help, so speedy!

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