[Suggestion] Chickens <3 (or advanced animal system)

  • note- for some reason it says post in Public Forum DE so I'm not sure if its going to that forum or not, I want it to go to the EN forum
    So I am obsessed with chickens, okay?
    I haven't gotten this game yet XD but I am nagging my sister to buy it for me

    So what I am hoping for are these little things...

    1. Advanced animal breeding where you can breed and make different types of breeds, like chickens have a bunch of different breeds such as Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red (thus not quite important)
    2. Chicken Coop stuff for houses for chickens to be in, and to be safe from predators
    3. Egg system, and for chickens to be able to get broody and lay on eggs for 22 days, and growth for chicks if possible
    4. Vegan Option would be very nice, like the post "Vegan gaming?" and so like its not all focused on killing chickens for food, just other options like only having them for eggs
    5. Roosters don't like other roosters unless there aren't any hens in the vicinity, some roosters are nice and others are mean sometimes if you bug them c:

  • I actually raise chickens myself, and we want to have livestock at somepoint, so chances are you will see at least some of this eventually :)

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