Limitations on closing/restarting worlds

  • I have bought and played the game for 4 days. I really enjoy the idea and the overall gameplay so far. However, the constant closing/restarting of different worlds opened to the public over these days disturbs me a lot.

    People do cooperate in the worlds. I get along quite well with the other strangers to build up the community and technology bit by bit. However, after taking a good night's sleep, BOOM, the world was closed without any obvious reasons or previous notifications from the admin the next morning. In one particular world I played 2 days ago, I discovered that it was restarted by the admin one day and when I asked him the reason behind, all I got is "lacking certain animals in the previous landscape".

    Efforts and contributions from all players in the server should be well respected. They just shouldn't be wiped out all in a sudden because of the decision of a single person.

    Some preliminary thoughts on this issue:

    1. Do not allow private worlds to be closed, restarted or go offline before the meteor impacts if they are opened to the
      public and there is still a significant proportion of players remained active in the game

      1.1 If the admins do wish to close or restart the worlds before the meteor impacts, requests with solid explanations
      should be provided and reviewed by the game developers before granting permission

      1.2 The admins should conduct a poll to show that 50% (or more) of the population agree with the closure or the re-
      establishment before proceeding to step 1.1

    2. Some official worlds should be created and maintained that are guaranteed to last till the endgame with no interruptions (restarting or closing) in between. This is especially important if overall low cooperation is observed throughout the whole server of a specific language

  • You do understand that (set-up dependent) a server is entirely under the control of its admin, don't you? As in, they could literally pull the electric plug out of the socket whenever they wanted. So if you want a stable world, you have two options.

    1. Set up your own server.
    2. Find an admin you trust.

    If an admin behaves in ways you don't like, don't go back there. Tell people on the forums you don't like the way the admin operates.