Can't reach TIER 2 in factory for assembly line - solo game - stuck with 1.99 of 2

  • Hi all,
    need some help from you guys. I try since a few days to reach TIER 2 in a factory to get an Assembly Line running. Whatever I do its not going above 1.99 points of the 2 points requested.
    A full brick building with Glass windows and a huge lumber door. Only industry items placed and sufficient roomm available.
    Please give me a hint and help.

  • Put a few framed glass windows in the room, it lifts the average tier, can be made in kiln with steel.

  • I have real glass in and before I get the assembly line running I cannot make steel. Thats the issue. I would need the blast furnace to produce steel. " Real" glass is counted as TIER 2, so it should work.
    But thanks anyway

  • Another possibility, guessing there are pipes installed in the room dropping down tier value. For first remove this pipes until higher tier material is available.

  • Good guess man - there where 2 iron pipes outside on the foundation. Pwut them faaaaar away, and still 1.99. There is a Machinists Table, a screw press, a Lathe, a Shaper and an Anvil in the room pluss produced mateirals and iron and gold bars in a storage box outside. :(...

  • I've done it same way a few weeks ago but with no doors inserted, especially not lumber and my windows were normal glass. There may be still a bug with lumber tier value? The other stuff you described should not influence tier value.

  • Hahaha!!!, there was a second door from stone which I took out. Kept the Lumber huge door - AND SEE! Assembly Line is working! Many Thanks Nicolausi - that was the trick!

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