Settlers in a Strange Land

  • (This is a story of the server Westbrook, its planet, and the journey of her citizens. I'm Griff Ingalls, the server administrator. I will make minimal use of admin powers, because I believe regular or excessive use of them damages the Eco experience for all.)

    Day 1:

    I am a gatherer. I'm awful at it, but the huckleberries keep me alive. I mean, what choice do I have. I attacked a turtle, but its shell was too much. No one is that strong. The fish swim too quickly, and the hares see me well before I see them.

    Still, there are others. Even now, one name "Nick" speaks of setting up a store. Still, stores need decent shelter. No one has that.

    All the while, a meteor looms overhead. It's growing larger. I fear for us all.

    Day 2:

    I'm still awful at gathering huckleberries, but the planet seems to notice. It takes pity and rewards me with a land rich in huckleberry bushes. Real work can now begin.

    The others are making quick progress. I see a store selling boards. Boards can be crafted into bows, and a bow will improve my life significantly.

    Nick already has a store established. The very first beginnings of a town are forming.

    Day 3:

    Word of both Nick's store and his virtue has reached the ears of many. He speaks of strange, magical things like tailings and industry. Enamored by his words, others follow in his steps.

    Soon, more stores are built, many taking Nick's credit for their own. This defacto standard credit kicks the economy into high gear, as the settlers are more easily able to trade goods with one another.

    Surely, it will be Nick who rises as the people's first World Leader! Only, he has a challenger. One named SamuraiOctopi rises to the occasion. SamuraiOctopi promises even more fantastic things for the people, things like an official backed currency, road planning, and reserves for the world's forests. Indeed, SamuraiOctopi demonstrates her competence in law craft quickly, to the benefit of all.

    Nick yields that the use of his own credit by many has burdened him in unexpected ways, and he expresses agreement in the establishment of a backed currency.

    Day 4:

    Other towns are forming. All lands of this fruitful planet are being settled and tamed. Towns are named, and the people rejoice in their efforts.

    SamuraiOctopi, through great effort and personal sacrifice, establishes the world's first bank - complete with functioning mint and treasury. A currency is minted, and the awkward process of adoption begins.

    The planet's first city is officially named Kawayama. Its large population shows great potential. The city has quickly risen as a financial powerhouse.

    Clear on the other side of the planet is a fertile village called Nekoryumura. Deep in the taiga, northwest of Kawayama, lies the Land of the Bear.

    The Land of the Bear undoubtedly holds the title as most advanced. Xam_Vordek has seen to that personally. Already a growling steam truck was sighted emerging from the taiga, a testament to their technological and industrial might.

    Sadly, this was a day of crises.

    First crisis: Nick declared his intention to retire. While we may still see him from time to time, it seems his hard working days are over for now.

    Second crisis: Kawayama's tailings storage facility suffered a breach, and the threat is real. The planet's very food supply is in peril. Land values are plummeting. Kawayama struggles to decide on a way forward from the disaster.

  • Day 5: Currency and Conundrum

    The awkward transition to a backed currency continues. Our glorious world leader SamuraiOctopi assures us this is the best possible course. The economy does seem to be responding positively. Increasingly more advanced goods flow quickly, freely, and in ever larger numbers.

    Our third town was officially named today, Fat Balrog. A strange name - but the townspeople themselves are good, honest, hard working, and quite sophisticated. My freshly constructed blast furnace was actually made in Fat Balrog!

    A second wave of new settlement is upon us! These young minds with their fresh ideas bode well for the world. The recently arrived citizenry break ground with spirit, eager to do their part in building a civilization that can turn back the approaching doom.

    New legislation has slowed. The only law put forth today, by one named Jimmy, prescribed the absolute prohibition of advanced technologies such as the revered "Laser". Let us hope this technophobia is quashed quickly and absolutely.

    Kawayama's pollution crisis continues. While the dump was briefly rendered unclaimed, an activist citizen moved quickly to claim it again as his own. The activist goes by the name of Reppoc850. His plans are not clear, but hope is kindled none the less. This citizen has managed tailings in the past, and to good effect. He also has the full confidence of esteemed citizens such as Esira and even our own world leader herself.

    Esira has become something of a saint in her own right. Even as massive pollution threatens the mainland's farms and its very people, Esira has moved quickly. Citizens happily attest to her generous nature and the high quality of her signature dish "Wild Stew".

    The industry of the bear growled mightily today. Much of a substance known as "concrete" now issues forth from the machines of Fat Balrog. Their intentions with this material are, as yet, still unknown. They are a secretive people. Ingenious! Industrious! But secretive.

  • Day 6: Roads and Resurrection

    Reppoc850 stepped up mightily today. The pollution crisis is sure to be resolved soon, and completely.

    There are a few amongst us who no longer feel the need to contribute. Our wise leader SamuraiOctopi has deemed now is the time to move against them. By this time tomorrow, their lands will be forfeit. The contents of their lands will thus be emptied, for the enjoyment of law abiding citizens everywhere.

    A brick supply crisis stretched on into its third day today. Road constructions proceeds slowly as well. There is progress, but the population show signs of dissatisfaction with the rate of that progress.

    No new laws were proposed today. Some potential measures were discussed, but nothing put to pen. New settlers still arrive without funding, and in a world increasingly devoid of tasty foods easily gathered.

    Jimmy's Anti-Laser law may well pass. Jimmy raises concerns that the citizenry will grow lethargic and reclusive, should the meteor be destroyed. He has convinced many this law will somehow remedy that possibility. Time will tell.

  • Day 7: Search and Seizure

    A few citizens have, for the past week, done little or nothing in the face of certain destruction. Today, examples were made. Assets were repositioned. Justice was served. Mixed emotions were experienced by all, but progress isn't always roses and sunshine.

    With so little time remaining before the meteor is upon us, we need everyone helping.

    In brighter news, the road from Kawayama to Nekoryumura was completed. Some widening and upgrading will be needed, but at least a connection now exists. Also, a fourth and fifth town might be up for naming in the next day or two!

    Major steps forward were taken with the pollution crisis in Kawayama. Legal issues blocking progress have been cleared away. Notably, the whole of the world seems to be in the midst of an iron production surge. As such tailings storage facilities are at-capacity and, in some cases, overflowing. We must find ways to be more efficient with our iron, before it is too late.

    On the financial side, a credit crisis temporarily bankrupted major corporation president Daily and sent his company's stock price plummeting. He had this to say "I'm not authorized on the mint". In response the world leader said: "lol fixed it mb".

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