The Potential of educational games

  • Hi!

    For a semester work, I wanted to analyze the potential of games as educational assets. For this I wanted to compare serious games with entertaining games. It is easy to say: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is way more interesting than a game about sustainable food sources. But what can a game like that do, to be more interesting? You guys are working on a monumental project that tries to implement the impact humans can have on the planet in a minecraftesque type of game. Not only is it entertaining (we all know what kind of success these kind of games can have) but also educational. Experiencing the consequences "yourself" what it means if you burn down all the forests has a stronger learning effect on a person than only hearing about it from school or news. So I was wondering if you could maybe fill out a small interview on this topic, to help me write a guidebook on how to make serious games more interesting for young people. This guide might be used to develop a game on sustainability for various schools in Zürich.

    I did not find any kind of contact email adress, so I post this in the public forum hoping a moderator could help me.

    If you are interested in answering my 7 Question interview, that would be amazing!

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