Eco Dedicated Server Unhandled Exception (world size)

  • Server, Client or Website: Eco dedicated server

    OS/Web Browser: Windows 10

    Detailed Description of Issue: The game decided it was time to punish an excavator. The player in the excavator at the time (which was moving in a way that defied space and time) was ejected from the game world entirely. When he came back in, he was on the other side of the planet and the excavator was nowhere to be seen. We decided to try stopping and restarting the server to see if it would kindly give us our excavator back. Upon trying to restart it, it would pause for at least a minute on "Initializing WorldObjectManager... 7%" and then it would throw an unhandled exception: System.AggregateException for "total world volume is larger than the max supported size" and a stack trace.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce? This error happens every time we try to start the server. No idea how it got into that condition in the first place.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue: N/A

    Additional Comments: None

  • Can you submit that issue over at our Git? It is the fastest way to get a problem in front of a developer.

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