My ideas to improve the game

  • Hello everyone,

    after several hours of gameplay with two friends on our private server wie have some ideas what could possibly improve the gameplay:

    • possibility to sort / filter items in piles / storages by a sort button and filter list
    • improve the endgame by adding NPC's for example to sell goods (can be optional to play with NPCs or not)
    • give more config files to edit prices for items, so it is easier to play on less populated servers (can improve amount of players)
    • add tools to make road building more easy (i am again talking for small populated servers especially)
    • for the future would be helpful an air vehicle

    some general thoughts:
    I think the current skill gaining system is way too passive. Mostly we gain skillpoints for housing and eating the right food but not for our work. I know it is possible to change it in the configs but in my opinion it should be baseline in the game, that you get much more reward for your actions in game and not just from passive things. It feels just wrong and not really rewarding - also it slows down the gameplay alot.

    Another thing i want to mention is, that the developer should spice up the endgame. The idea to stop the meteor is of course nice but it is also not very challenging and most people just enjoy the building and growing your economy. That's why i thought some NPCs where you can sell goods or add in general NPCs where you could get reputation for tasks and special rewards would improve the game alot. Maybe this could also be added just optional for the Server Admins if you want to play so or not.

    And one more big thing in direction to the developers. Please think about to build a simple Game Editor, just think about successfull games like skyrim / warcraft III who added a very easy to understand / handle game editor. Those games was mostly successfull because it was so easy to add content driven by the community. I really would love if strangeloopgames could think about it.

    In my opinion this game doesn't need more items / blocks at the moment, it definetly should look foward to add better endgame content. Give people reasons to play the game constantly - spice it up with more objectives during you care for your world.

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