2 Player Co-op....Can "ownership" be disabled completely?

  • My cousin and I have been busy spending a couple weeks trying to destroy our world. Fun, so far. But a repeated frustration is the ownership issues. Put down a vehicle, and it's barred from me until he sets it to public. If he picks it up (after the world ejects it somewhere because of a physics bug) and places it down again...it happens again. I know that the particular deed for an item can be removed, but that is seriously cumbersome to do for everything that is ever laid down

    Or if he starts a task on a piece of manufacturing equipment, I can't stop the task. In fact, I can't even change the attached supplies to the piece of equipment. Well, I CAN change them, but the existing task being run (whatever is being made) won't see that I added a stockpile. He has to come over and make the change himself.

    I understand the need for that kind of ownership mechanism in general....but is there some way to set the server so that there is none of that? Can't we just pretend that, hey, our world is going to be destroyed in 20 days, who cares who owns what and let's just get along??


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