Gator Land

  • Laws:

    -Daily restart at 6AM and 6PM MDT
    -Players can do as they wish
    -It's encouraged to work together
    -Politics get rough, don't quit because you lose
    -Players should handle any disputes between themselves
    -Limited Admin intervention
    -Bannable offenses are excessive trolling, cheating, or hacking.
    -Dedicated server based in Dallas
    -The server backups ever hour

    Premise of server: I have played the game for about two weeks and during the few servers I played on I was banned for simply running for president or disagreeing having an opposing view. The result was creating a server to let human err and freewill precipitate without admin intervention. This sort of game play will not be desirable for everyone. I do believe it will interest many people that can pursue whatever their intentions are. This is important to me as it is realistic. The server has been up just over a week and the political climate has changed and has been somewhat dramatic. The meteor is coming. Will a divided people come together to survive? Human freewill and greed are some of the most dangerous things there are. On a server such as this, the meteor is the least threatening thing when people don't get banned for simply having their own views or aspirations. This allows for parties to form based on their own beliefs and geographical locations without being censored via a ban.

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