Can't see any server!

  • Hi,

    I need help, since a couple of days i dont have any server showing in the game browser.
    Can't join any game :(

    Please i need help to fix that.

    Thank in advance.


  • If your internet connection works right way with other apps, delete the folder “Strange Loop Games” in ...AppData > Local Low (win +r appdata), then try a new copy of the original game.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your help. I deleted the file and try to start a new game... still no server showing in the browser.
    My internet connection is working very well,

    Any thing else i can try to fix my problem?

    Thanks again.


  • Hmm, now it’s getting harder, a few things I think of:

    1. is the language/localization in main menu possibly changed to whatever?
    2. if the filter in “Your Game” is unchecked, can you see any sever?
    3. possibly blocks firewall or anti virus app the ports. Firewall can be set to standard settings, anti virus software can be shut down a while.
    4. and last idea, you can try direct connect to my server just for test: (it is the plus sign in My Worlds)

  • HI and thanks for your help,

    I unchecked: Language match in the filter...
    Now i can see server. My game langage is French so i guess there not a lot of French server around :)
    Any way it was nothing and you help me find a solution.

    Thanks again and have good time playing Eco :)

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