Questions about Excavator?

  • hello, how do you make the excavator more effiecient? i mean like, storage wise. do i have to drag everything into a stockpile one by one or can i make the excavator automatically transfer somehow?

    i havent made a single excavator yet and i wanna know how it works before i get one and get really dissapointed.

  • Excavator can unload directly to truck or stockpile, it’s not easy, needs practice. I would suggest starting a test session as single player and type in chat “/give excavator” and give yourself the other stuff you need, truck, petroleum, stockpile...

  • Excavators are REALLY fun and useful. Much more than the skidsteer. Combine it with a truck and you'll be moving mountains soon.

    Transferring between vehicles is very easy. I find that usually I have to get the bucket directly over the bed of the truck before I get the green outline indicating to unload (right click). I'm not sure, but orienting the bucket so it actually looks like it's dumping over the truck might make it easier to get the outline.

    BTW, if you're digging near the building that needs the resources, you can just select the excavator as a linked stockpile and it will pull whatever it needs out of your bucket automatically. Handy if you build your smelters directly near the iron mine.

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