Thurdi's Eco - Restart 10/19

  • Hello everyone, we are looking for additions to our community both new and experienced, looking to have a well-paced game as a group. Specialization is encouraged and it will be very hard for anyone to do everything alone, which is intentional to encourage trading and working together. We have had some success with certain policies on previous runs (central currency, progressive wealth tax, road-building incentives and such) so there are some plans, but all of that will obviously be up to the actual in-game politics and whatever the community decides. Come join us!

    Server Name:
    Server Location: Texas

    Brief Description: Newly re-started server with some tradition and previous runs, looking for more players interested in community-oriented play. We have high specialization costs and enjoy the ingame political and economical elements alongside creative building and progressing through the game

    Server Admin(s): Thurdi, Astafar
    IP; Port: or
    Discord Server, Website:,

    World Size: 6.55 km²
    World Difficulty: medium collaboration, skill multiplier x2, specialization multiplier x4
    World Objective: Reaching the endgame as a community working together instead of small, focused groups pulling ahead, and building an interesting neighbourhood on the way there (without flooding the world)

    Basic rules: Don't build in anyone's immediate vicinity without talking to them first, don't be atrocious to nature, don't run off and play alone without ever interacting with anyone (because really, what's the point)

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