User Interface little things

  • Hi! I really love this game so far. Here a few little things i would love to see implemented:

    1- Double clicking on "Your Worlds" not login you directly in the game. We need to select the server and then click the "join" button. would be nice to just double click the server name under LAN.

    2- When we use the Repair Station, after clicking the "Repair" button, please, move back the item to my inventory ! Any slot of it! in taskbar or backpack. Many time I've repair stuff from my base-camp to figure out, when down the mine that my pickaxe was up there in the repair station! (OK, now I've build a repair station right into the mine just because of it!).

    3- Be able to split the stack. Shift click or something to split the food our farmer produce.

    4- Starting inventory. Would be nice to start with a few seeds of tree and food. Right now, when we start fresh new on a server, food all have been harvested, tree all chop down ! Would be nice if we would be able to start our own little garden and tree farm on our land claim.

    I really love this game, kudo on the stockpile implementation ! I'm still a noob starting but i like it so far!

    Thank for giving me an great alternative for Min*****ft !


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