Having trouble logging in.

  • Hi I just picked up the game after buying it about 4 months ago. I wanted to login and change my name but I forget my email and password. I have tried different options and I am not getting an email to reset my password. Is there someway you can reset my password, I'm not even sure what my username is. I think the game still recognizes it as my old steam name. (♺SUPREME KERMIT HERE♺) Otherwise it is QDAWG- but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help. I can answer any questions you would nee to ask.

  • This is kind of game breaking can you maybe unlink my steam copy of the game from this account. I can't create laws or run for office because I need to login. I got an email to reset my password and it was for another account I made on accident now named QDAWG- as well. If you could either unlink the game from my account either the supreme Kermit one or the qdawg- one that would be great. I think both are named QDAWG- but in game the one linked to a steam copy says I'm still ♺SUPREME KERMIT HERE♺ but when I get to the website to "run for office" (which I can't reset my password from) then I see my name as QDAWG-. If you need the server ID to connect to my account or something I can give it to you. I can't refund on Steam because I have had the game to long so it would mean alot if I could get both of these Eco accounts named "QDAWG-" either deleted or have the one linked to a steam copy unlinked. Is there a way you guys could send a password reset to my current email which is the same as the account with no game copy linked. Thank you for any help and I am getting a little impatient.

  • You have to open the webinterface from the game. Then the acess token will be added to the browser and you're loged in. There is no special login within the server. You must use the game to open and the server interface and run for office.

  • I want to access the road map too. I know how to run for office. is there someway for the devs to reset my account or unlink my steam copy from it.

  • What the problem is is that I can't get to the road map or change my username.

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