Eco server and our discord, come check us out, Great server, NEW JOBS. Updated 10-18-18

  • - Server Name: GOLD~RUSH . Join todayThriving community. Not just a server.
    - :Server Location: Dedicated Server, USA.NY
    :Brief Description: Starting town set up where you can buy a store front, lots of cool laws to make the game play last longer, bunch of mods
    , increased carry cap, carry weight, and much much more, Join our discord today and find out what exactly.
    :Password protected?: no
    - IP; Port:
    :Discord Server-:
    :World Size:3-km
    :World Difficulty: high collaboration, You also get sp from action and craft time. you can consider this a hardcore 
    type of server only due to the things i added in to make the game last longer.
    :World Objective: set your skill you want to do as objective so we know what every one is doing, and see  what 
    still needs to be done.
    - :bonus info: We keep things up to date, have fast service 24/7 in game and on discord, There is NO admin 
    abuse at all, If you would like to see something we dont have let us k now and we will get it in.If you invite 
    people and they stay you will get bonus in game stuff. Also for discord and in game we have a dedicated player slot where when you hit a certain play time in game you get that rank,
     now with that rank you get cool bonus 
    things thoughout the game,
    - :list of all mods:-Better-(logging,Mining,Farming) Big shovel, Electronics, jd farming silo, JD trash can, JD 
    garbageman, JD Mulden, JD bridbge, Transportpipe, JD Shelf, Industrial craft, Harmony,Clays Toolkit, and a few others.
    - :for help: If things seem to hard or you need help again please just ask the owner first and admins if he is not 
    around, but normally the owner "chris" is always on in some shape form or way. Please enjoy and see you in discord and in game Thank you.

    Now that is the official post we put up in the eco discord, our discord is so please come check it out also, we have some cool bots, games, and leaderboards. We always have help 24/7 either in game or discord so if any thing ever happens you will always be able to get ahold of someone.
    Some greater detail though, we are on the side of a hardcore server and we have alot of laws enforcing things like dropping skills and other stuff so people wont be able to run up the line in a few days like in other servers. You get starter money,some great items to help you start off, almost every thing in game has been changed in one way or another from something small as the chest having 74 slots! or even greater gas capacities for the different types of vehicles to an outstanding 50 carry cap for most carried items.WoW!! so please, stop by, say hi, dont be shy. come play some games in the discord before coming on to the eco server or jump right into our amazing world, check out all the extra jobs we have or the other odds and ends.

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