Only integer prices possible at store.

  • This might be a trivial question, but how do I set prices in the store which are not integer numbers. I tried putting the numbers like "3.5" or "3,5" depending on the system decimal separator. Typing in works fine but when I click somewhere else and the input field gets out of focus the input is changed to "35". Others shops on the server have non integer prices so I think this should be possible.

    System info:
    Win 10
    Eco installed from Steam
    OS is German so the system default is using "," as the separator. As I said I tried to set it to "." without effect.

  • As I know this is an known bug

  • For those who are facing the same issue, there is one work around. In the store you can also use the modifier keys (ctrl, shit, alt) which will allow you to change the stride size of one click. One of them is 0.1 so prices with one digit after the decimal point become possible.

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