To Much Tailing

  • I played this game for long now but it soon will come to an end because of all this tailing.
    The only thing we are doing on the server is caves down below and mortared stone to have nice walls, floors and celing.
    We do not even have iron tools because it will create to much tailing to make them and repair them.

    I think that the bloomery was ok to have tailings and the blast furnace did not have any was ok. I know a real furnace would produce some tailing but it becomes nearly impossible to have a good game play with all that tailing produced.

    Please correct it or have one as small as 1 fish so you can have 100 tailings in 1 box that takes up one spot on a stockpile.

  • … or implement usefully and reasonable recycling ways.

  • Yes if they had some way yo recycling the tailing that would be awesome to.

  • They could always make something with a multipurpose use such as a "recycling compactor". Uses burnable fuel to compact tailings, dirt, and sand into a compacted version at a rate of 10:1, with the compact version actice like a normal resource (ex. Stone) so it can be stored in stacks of 20, though still in a stockpile/cart/etc. . This would cut down on the needed space significantly for these items respectively. The compactor could be available around the same time as the blast furnace.

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