Idea: Geological ocurrence of minerals

  • As a geologist it always bother me the fact that minerals are spread with no logical sense. i would love to help the devs with knowledge to enrich the game and give real information.

    Some ideas or examples i suggest:

    • iron gossan(superficial indicator of oxides) to show that underground might be iron ores, in large quantities and not spread all over the world.

    • large mineral depotits and ocurrence like in real world

    • Gold as nuggets near rivers, that can be melt into a ingot with no polution.

    • gold spread along with copper in low quantities that need to be separate with cyanide, greatly poluting the enviroment.

    • Learning other methods to avoid poluting the world

    • aquifers and underground water that needs to be drain from mining projects in order to continue prospecting the minerals

    These are some ideas, there must be a lot more, if anyone comes up with some i would be glad and i really would love to see these ideas on eco survival game

  • A really good idea.

    And even if you are using a bloomery or blast furnace i guess in an iron ore you will get some other minerals in low quantities to.

  • That would be awesome! I hadn't thought much about making more realism to the occurrence of minerals. But I think the one thing there we almost all have noticed is that gold ore is too abundant in the game, and it would be cool if servers could adjust the amount of gold ore independently of the other minerals.

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