problem to add admin

  • hello and sorry for my poor english.

    i need help because i can't add me as admin.

    i have a dedicated server hosting in my home. i run windows 10 and i've install eco server with steam.

    to day i decided to add my as admin because i want to destroy asteroide.

    i go to my panel and i add my name in the admin list, i've copy the name in the user list. and i've saved and restart the server.

    but it doesn't work, i try with the command /fly and the game said that i've not the right to do that.

    ive tested with my steamid64 and it doesn't work anymore.

  • In the "" file for the server you find the "Admins" sections where you can add you as an admin with your "SLG" number (slgxxxxx). You can find the slg when you login under your username.

    If you want to add more admins you can either edit the "" file again or do it in game with the commando "/admin [player]".


  • Hello and thank you for your reply.

    I've purchased my game on steam. So I did not have an slg account.

    I've tried to paste my steam64id in this file but not working.

  • hello,

    my problem resolved, i've just uninstall the server in steam and downloads it a new time.

  • Glad it worked out for you :-)

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