Ecoverse - A medium collaboration server with high SP gain and 30 days meteor!

  • Server Name: Ecoverse
    Server Location: UK
    Brief Description: This is a medium collaboration server with high SP gain. The meteor is set to hit the world in 30 days so you will all need to work together to destroy the meteor and build a thriving community. There is little interaction from admins except to deal with griefing. Server was started on 26th September 2018 and there are already over 20 players on the server so come and join in and help build up this fledgling community!
    Server Admin(s): TheSpaceDad
    Password protected?: No
    IP; Port:
    World Size: 2km
    World Difficulty: Medium Collaboration
    World Objective: To build a friendly and co-operative community and shoot down the meteor before it hits the world!

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